3 Types Of Transmission Services

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There are numerous types of service that can be performed on your transmission. Some of that service is maintenance and preventative service that saves you from having to replace your transmission on your farm equipment.

Transmission Flush-Fluid Change

The most basic type of service that your transmission may need is a flush-fluid change. This is a common type of repair that your vehicle needs after a specific number of miles. With a transmission flush, the old fluid that is in your transmission is drained out. Then, new fluid is run through your transmission to flush out any debris. Once all debris has been flushed out, your transmission is then filled up with new fluid.

A machine is used for this process, and it is a relatively quick process that many oil shops offer. It is not the same as an automatic transmission service.

Automatic Transmission Service

With an automatic transmission service, old transmission fluid is removed, your system is flushed out and new fluid is added to your transmission just like with a transmission flush-fluid change. However, that is not the only thing that happens.

In addition to flushing and replacing the transmission fluid, the transmission oil pan is removed from your vehicle and cleaned. This is a great way to remove debris that has built up in the transmission oil pan. Then, a new transmission filter is installed on your transmission. An oil pan is put back after it is cleaned and a new gasket is installed before the new transmission fluid is added to your vehicle.

Every few times that you need to have your transmission flushed, you should also get an automatic transmission service as well in order to keep your transmission running smoothly.

Transmission Rebuild

A transmission rebuild occurs when there is a serious issue with the transmission. The transmission has to be taken apart and inspected to determine which of the many internal components of the transmission need to be cleaned or even replaced. The time and money that it takes to rebuilt a transmission can vary greatly. If the issue is easy to find and fix, it could cost a few hundred dollars. If the issue is hard to find or if multiple components need to be replaced, the bill for replacing the transmission could easily hit at or around a thousand dollars.

Additionally, the hard parts of the transmission, the parts that are not designed to fail or break, will also be inspected. If they need to be replaced, that will increase the overall cost of the transmission rebuild.

It is important to get your transmission fluid flushed and changed on time and to get your transmission services on time as well. This will help you avoid the need to rebuild your transmission. Contact companies like Big Springs Equipment to learn more.