Ready for Winter? How to Get Your New Tractor Ready for Winter Storage

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Winter will be here soon. It's time to start thinking about your equipment. If your tractor is going to be put in storage, you'll want to make sure it's well-protected against the harsh winter weather. You'll need your tractor to be ready for spring. Here are four steps you need to take to make sure your tractor survives winter storage.

Fill the Fuel Tank

When it comes to winter storage for your tractor, the most important thing you can do is fill the fuel tank. You may not be using your tractor all winter, but it's still going to need a full tank of gas. If the tank is empty, condensation will build up in the tank. When you try to start your tractor in the spring, all the dirt that's collected in the condensation will go right through the fuel lines. You can avoid the condensation and engine troubles by keeping the fuel tank full all winter long.

Take Care of the Repairs

If your tractor's got a few minor problems right now, you'll want to take care of the repairs before winter arrives. Leaving your tractor in disrepair during the winter will lead to additional problems come spring. This is particularly true where body damage is concerned. Snow, ice, and rain can cause rust and corrosion, which will be much harder to repair once spring arrives. Make sure your tractor survives the winter by taking care of those repairs before you put it into storage.

Give It a Thorough Cleaning

Once you've taken care of the repairs, you'll need to give your tractor a thorough cleaning. You don't want to put your tractor into storage while it's still covered in dirt, grease, and other debris. Spend some time removing all the dirt and debris before your tractor goes into storage for the winter. Be sure to get the undercarriage as well.

Apply the Proper Protection

Finally, before your tractor goes into winter storage, you'll need to apply the proper protection. First, lubricate all the exposed metal components, especially the hydraulic cylinder rods. Next, apply tire dressing to all the tires on your tractor. Finally, protect your seats with a layer of leather conditioner.

Don't take chances with your tractor this winter. If you're not going to be using your tractor this winter, the tips provided here will ensure that it stays safe and secure while in storage. If you realize it may be time for a new tractor while you're applying these tips, there are plenty of tractors for sale online.