Tips For Local Farmers Purchasing Vintage Egg Cartons

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If you have a local farm, you probably have a lot of chickens on your land that lay a lot of eggs. You need a safe and secure place to store them after they're produced, which is where vintage egg cartons come in handy. You can purchase an amazing set if these suggestions are considered. 

Assess Their Overall Structural Integrity

In order for vintage egg cartons to fully protect your egg inventory, they need to have the right structural properties. They should be able to retain their shape and bottom foundation, even if you fill them up completely. Then you won't have to be as cautious transporting eggs to sell at local farmer's markets and other avenues.

Your eggs should be able to rest comfortably inside each designated compartment of these vintage egg cartons. You'll get plenty of structural support by going with thick egg cartons made out of durable materials.

Get a Dependable Closing Mechanism

Once all of your eggs are positioned inside egg cartons, you'll close the top. You want it to remain closed until you sell these eggs to customers because you'll have more protection to rely on. Carefully look over the closing mechanism of vintage egg cartons.

If you can try some out in person, that would be ideal for seeing how effective they close and remain closed. It all comes down to how these egg cartons are designed and made during manufacturing. 

Plan for Longer Lead Times When Adding Custom Graphics 

A lot of local farmers end up customizing their vintage egg cartons with graphics. It helps them stand out and thus improves their sales. If you're taking the same path when developing vintage egg cartons, make sure you plan for longer lead times.

Manufacturers that make these cartons have to do more to come through on these special requests, such as using certain dyes and comply with what you want to be done. If you want the lead times to be shorter, then keep your custom graphic requests simple. That can help you get these cartons a lot more quickly.

Selling eggs that come directly from your farm will be a lot easier to do when you use vintage egg cartons. Then you can protect your eggs and make them a lot safer to travel with. Just do your best to order the right cartons that have properties you can depend on. 

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