Planning To Raise Cattle On A New Farm? 2 Types Of Equipment You Need To Get Started

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If you just purchased land for a new farm and plan to raise cattle, there is equipment you need to purchase. This will help make things much easier for you and allow your cattle to grow healthy and strong. Keep reading to learn about two pieces of equipment you need. 

Cattle Feeder

There are a variety of cattle feeders you can purchase. Some feeders have room for both grain and hay. Other feeders can only feed either grain or hay. Purchase more than one feeder if you have a lot of cows so they can all eat at the same time. If your cattle have free choice of when they can eat, you can use smaller feeders throughout the day so they do not eat too much all at once. 

Feeders are important as you do not want your cattle to eat off the ground. This can be unhealthy for them as they may eat parasites. If you do not have the proper feeders the cattle may also spill a lot of food on the grow and then try to eat it. Make sure you purchase high-quality grain and hay for your cattle. You also need to make sure you feed them enough to keep them healthy. If you are not sure talk with a veterinarian that works with farmers to help you. 

Pasture System

In most cases, cattle graze pastures during the spring, summer, and fall months. Because of this, you need to be careful that you keep the pasture at the right height, so they have something to graze.  Do not leave your cattle in the grazing area full-time, however. This can damage the forage from having too much traffic. Weeds may grow in areas where there is dead forage. 

Grazing provides your cattle with more feed which means you can feed them less yourself. This not only saves you a lot of time but saves you money as well on hay and grains. This can get expensive, especially if you have a lot of cattle on your farm. 

Put a fence around the pasture system to keep your cattle in and to keep out predators. Make sure the fencing is high quality and durable so your cattle cannot push it enough to knock it down. Cattle also need access to water on the graze pasture. There are watering systems that you can purchase to provide them with this. 

There are many more things you need, such as health care equipment, scales to weigh your cattle, and more. For more information on cattle equipment, contact a professional near you.