Agricultural Roll Tarp Systems

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An agricultural roll tarp system is designed to handle rough weather conditions. This type of tarp can be customized to fit the industrial trucks that you and your employees use to haul equipment and goods.


If you work outdoors, you may encounter plenty of days in which your equipment is exposed to extreme sunlight and rain. Having access to a roll tarp system will allow you to haul goods without needing to be concerned about your gear becoming damaged.

A roll tarp system is designed to convert the bed of a pickup truck within minutes. Modern tarp systems fold up quickly and efficiently. They allow an end user to control exactly how much exposure they would like the bed of their truck to be equipped with.

Roll Tarp Materials

Agricultural equipment is often heavy, necessitating the use of a heavy tarp system that won't tear or come loose while a vehicle is being driven. Agricultural roll tarp systems are constructed of vinyl, PVC, and other durable materials. A tarp supplier features products that contain a strong seal. The seal will prevent airflow or moisture from entering a tarp.

Tarp Products

Check out a line of roll tarp products that are designed to fit the types of trucks that comprise your fleet. Roll tarp systems include low-profile tarps and high-profile tarps.

A low-profile tarp is one that is designed to provide the bed area with a sleek appearance. The tarp will lay flat across the surface of the bed. A high-profile tarp will provide protection for bulky items. Due to the elevated height of this type of tarp, machinery and other large items will fit underneath the tarp. 

Custom Tarps For Your Fleet

Shop for custom tarps that are each designed to fit one of the vehicles that comprises your fleet. Custom products can be ordered for standard pickup trucks, full-sized pickup trucks, and extended cab trucks.

Review the weight and thickness of various tarp materials. Many quality tarp systems are designed to be UV-resistant and fade-proof. They can be used all year long, allowing you and anyone else on your work team to protect items whenever they are going to be transported to or from a worksite.

Learn how various roll tarp systems need to be installed and operated. Once you have familiarized yourself with some products of interest, furnish the make and model of each truck you own when you are ordering a custom tarp for your fleet. For more information on custom-fitted truck tarp covers, contact a professional near you.